Fear of Falling During Rehabilitation

Fear of Falling

Basophobia is the inability to stand due to a fear of walking or falling. Many who have suffered chronic illnesses and maintain limited mobility are afraid to walk again due to a fear of falling (FOF). However, FOF is a major restraint in successful rehabilitation.

Before Rehabilitation

Sometimes people with limited mobility avoid rehab all-together because they fear further injuries. Even before attending a secure and skilled facility, some people who have previously fallen take their chances and severely stunt their progress by remaining immobile. According to a study by BMC Geriatrics, 62.5% of participants had FOF when admitting themselves into a rehab facility.

After Rehabilitation

According to the same study, FOF persisted and even increased after rehabilitation. Although it is not known within this study whether walking aids decreased FOF, a possible solution to overcoming the fear is intervention within stages of the rehab process. For example, rollators and walkers can be used to aid patients as they attempt to move between therapy sessions.

As far as aftercare management, patients can build self-efficacy by utilizing walking aids. This was not part of the study but consider this: Along your journey to maintain or gain mobility, you do not need to do it alone. You need a walking aid you can count on! If you find yourself limiting your mobility due to a fear of falling, browse our selection of reliable walking aids and see which one best fits your lifestyle. You're on your way!